Am I LA Flex or HHCRO?

If anyone living in the property qualifies under the criteria below then you're funded under HHCRO and most measures are 100% free to you, if not then there's still a good chance that you'll qualify under the LA Flex scheme so read on."

A Person living in a private domestic premises is a member of the help to heat group if they receive one of the following benefits:


Local Authority Flexible Funding (LA Flex) is where your local council will publish an SOI (Statement Of Intent) and list their own set of criteria for that area. This is normally around an set income level for the household with some bills able to be deducted like Mortgage/Rent, Council Tax and Energy Bills etc. Simply google your Council and either "LA FLEX" or "STATEMENT OF INTENT" to see what your Council has set it at, or if you need help finding it get in touch.